With BFOX, your coach is only a few clicks away

BFox is about sharing knowledge. It is a community of coaches. Cooking? Sports? Mathematics? Languages? Coaches have different set of competencies. We like to call them Foxes.

BFox gives you free access to Foxes available around you, all you need to do is to contact the Fox of your choice and agree together on the practicalities. You can then rate and assess your Fox! 


Why BFox?

Foxes are crafty animals. The purpose of the app is to develop each other’s competences thanks to a community of foxes.

“B” is short for “become” and means you will yourself become a Fox through using the app.

So subscribe as a coach and be a Fox.


Fayza Boutuil holds degrees in Law, Financial management and teaching. Fayza is active in the banking sector and is a serial entrepreneur. Fascinated by innovative companies and the teaching world she likes to be on top of novelties in the sharing economy and teaching practices.


Project Manager FR

Benoît Wattecamps owns a degree in communications from I.H.E.C.S and currently leads the Altitude advertising agency. Benoît has a passion for digital marketing where he can leverage his creativity, test new visual approaches and ensure careful and intelligent design.



Any questions?

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